Please note that these are works of art which take time to create.


It is best if you give me a minimum of 5 weeks

to create them for your special occasion.


Sometimes, I may be able to complete an order a little

faster if needed quicker.


Overseas customers please be aware that times can be slightly longer due to shipping.  

Emma Willis - Television Presenter


"You're a little fire cracker. Your shoes are equally as amazing"!


These are examples commissioned by people like you. Each pair of shoes is an art piece to wear (Art to Wear)


designed and


handcrafted especially for you.  I can guarantee that nobody else will ever


have the same shoes, although themes may be similar. Milly J Shoes are a Registered Trademark


and designs are protected. I have created over 200 pairs so far and look forward to designing yours!


Bespoke shouldn't be confused with limited edition, as it's a service that creates for you, from scratch and therefore may cost slightly more than limited edition. Prices are from £90.


So how does this work?



Step 1: You imagine your dream shoe


Step 2: You fill out the ideas template or visit instore


Step 3: Send me your thoughts and


ideas template, add pictures if it


helps to explain your idea.


Step 4: I contact you to let you know if


this is possible.


All shoes are high quality,  


basic shoes which I hand sculpt,  tear mould,


design and work my magic from there.


Step 5: Together we tweak the idea


until you are happy.



Step 9: You wow everyone with your


unique, Strikingly Unconventional


Milly J's.


Step 10: You tell all your friends.



Please enquire online or visit me instore. Dreails can be found under the enquiry page.

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Handmade Just For You

All shoes are especially created for you, so you know


you are receiving a pair that fits you.


No shoes are stock shoes.


If there are any design issues, I will attempt to


rectify within reason by working closely with you.


There may be additional charges if there are any


changes to the design.

The Pea Queen Shoe