Bespoke Shoe Sculptures

This is how I started Milly J Shoes,


before people began asking me if they


could wear Milly J's not just to look at


them. Shoe sculptures are pieces of art


mounted on high quality plinths. They


are real shoes but the designs are often


whackier or more 'over the top' than


the shoes to wear. These are collector's


pieces and I am delighted and


honoured that the world leading shoe


museum and collectors around the


world own some Milly J originals.


You can too!


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Boy George - Singer and International DJ

"Your work is bonkers! How do I get a pair? I'm a size..."

Liquorice of Sorts

The Tap Shoe Sculpture is a permanent collection in the world's leading shoe museum.

Liquorice of Sorts Sculpture. Also an Art to Wear pair created for Nancy Sorrell.

Mary Angelou's Freedom (2)

Maya Angelou's Caged Bird Sculpture based on her poignant writing.