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The shoe clip is an attachment that pimps up your pre-existing pairs of shoes. Great for going from day wear to evening wear. Popping them out of your handbag after a day at the office, to greet your friends in a bar in the evening.

Milly J is well known for making bespoke shoes and shoe clips for all occasions at her shop and studio in Norwich…. but she also makes shoe clips which are ready to buy. You can purchase these online here or in her shop on Tombland, Norwich. Shoe clips, or shoe pastes (as they used to be known as) have been around since The Georgian era. Again, becoming popular in the Depression years, followed by resurfacing with a vengeance in the 70s and 80sand tended to be simple bows, or a bit of bling made from an earring!

Posy Chain Shoe Clip
Posy Chain Shoe Clip

Jewellery designers also enjoyed creating a host of large, bold, and inventive clips for women seeking to elevate their plain clothing and not much has changed. The clip is a versatile creation that can be worn with an array of outfits. Matching clips for your bridal party, with more ornate pair for the bride. Clips to tie into the colours in our special outfit. Clips gifted to a close friend, or to propose with! And even clips to collect.

Milly J Shoes has revitalised the staid shoe clip, making most things possible on the attachment. The Halloween shoe clip with hand sculpted pumpkins and tombstones to the bridal shoe clip that used the bride’s, late mother’s charms from a bracelet, so that she could “walk” her down the aisle. The sky is the limit.

But if it’s sustainability you’re after, then the shoe clip is also a positive way of making a change. There are an awful lot of shoes that are simply sitting in a lady’s shoe cupboard for one reason or another and these shoes mostly end up in landfill eventually. The shoe clip can prolong the life of a shoe, if there’s a little scrape or tear you want to hide. Or it can improve a pair you don’t particularly like! But the best part is that you don’t have to keep buying new pairs, as you only really need a few simple pairs that your Milly J shoe clips can attach on to, including shoelaces – jazzing up shoes you already own!

Honeycomb Shoe Clip
Honeycomb Shoe Clip

Milly J shoe clips are also a wonderful accoutrement if you have young children whose feet are growing exponentially! That pair of shoes you bought for 5-year-old Sophie won’t fit in 6 month’s time for Lauren’s wedding. But a shoe clip can once again keep the number of shoes you need to buy down.

Even women with tricky feet can pop one onto her already comfy pair. Everyone from women who find it hard to find shoes, or those who want flat, but funky shoes can now have pretty feet!

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